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FOR SURE I will vote conservative on the issue's
I will give you the true bosses of Laramie County a strong conservative voice once again. Limited Goverment is My Goal and put balance back on the board a citizen canidate who listen and serves the people. I am honored to have your support once again in this 2016 Election.

I am concerned that people say there fiscal conservative but there voting record does not support that, mine does. I Voted No on gas Tax, No on 20% higher salaries. No on PlanCheyenne. Yes on first ammendment rights petetioning inside. Yes on 2nd ammendment rights. I believe we need limited government and limited regulations and more input from the people who live in Laramie County. I had a 100% record being at the meetings to vote on the issues that matter to you. 


A Proven Servant to the people 
Runs his own business and
has a masters degree in common sense and he will apply it..... and plenty of energy to get the job done. 

~ Its M.Lee One of the Good Guys for Laramie County Commissioner ~
Running as a Conservative Republican
Watch my campaign video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK9SFh0fEJE&feature=youtu.be
M. Lee Hasenauer stands firm on the following issues:

* Believes in strong conservative leadership
I am the peoples canidate, he has initiated three bills which passed in legislation. He supports veterans, Wyoming gun owners & is an avid hunter.  Hasenauer grew up on a farm and ranch and has lived in Laramie County for 28 years.  M. Lee has been married to his lovely wife Loretta for 26 years and has
 five children 5 grand chidren and is a foster parent to. - all Republicans!

* Will not be a YES YES YES vote on everything just to go along to get along.
Hasenauer believes local government should not just want to fix problems by putting every
issue on the backs of the tax paying citizen.

* Open Laramie County up for business
Hasenauer will work to remove senseless regulations and get government out of the way.
(He will always vote to use local contractors in Laramie County.)

* Working with the city government & smaller communities are going to be his main priority
Hasenauer firmly believes Goverment is not always the answer.

* Will not compromise the safety & well-being of the people
There are  approximately 90 thousand people in Laramie County. Safety is a #1 priority.
Our county needs protection - Hasenauer will stand with the Sheriff's Department and first
responders to make sure the citizens get the protection and assistance they need.

* Will initiate open meetings with all elected officials & the public
Meetings held will give the people an opportunity to be heard so we can all focus
on improving those areas the residents in Laramie County feel are most important.

* Will protect land owners & their water rights
With 27,000 square miles of land and 2 square miles of water, we need a commissioner who
understands the importance of protecting land and water rights of the people.
Hasenauer is a home and small business owner who understands how other home owners
and business owners feel. (I pledge to protect) "Property rights and Small Mom an Pop businesses"

* Learn More Vote Smart:
M. Lee Hasenauer looks forward to working with you on all the issues that are most
important to you.  He would appreciate your support!

M. Lee Hasenauer
 with your comments, suggestions and support.

Or feel free to call him at: 307-640-4248

Listen to live interveiw

GO TELL 10 people or more TO VOTE FOR M.LEE HASENAUER Then Conservatism win's

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