For County Commissioner

Meet the Hasenauers

M. Lee Hasenauer was born on a farm and ranch in Nebraska and grew up on values of Christianity and small community.  He moved here to Cheyenne 28years ago and began looking for a change; that change led him to the Pentecostal church.  His values are based on God, love of country, and honoring that country.  His Dad was a Reagan Democrat who was totally sick of the way the government was heading. He always used to say, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me,” and that’s when the Hasenauers came to a more conservative Republican type of government.

M. Lee met his wife Loretta when he was 28 years old and they have been married for 25 years.  They are always proud to introduce you to their four daughters and one son. (Married daughter Hope, Brittney, Cortney, Trustin and JoJo)
     M. Lee and Loretta have raised their children in a home that is comfortably filled with the love of God, family and country.  They are looking forward to a new addition to the family, when their daughter Hope will make them grandparents for the forth time.

Four beautiful Hasenauer daughters.

Loretta, Trustin and M. Lee enjoying a little family time. 

M. Lee will agree that he is a blessed man!

M. Lee owns a home in the Cheyenne area and enjoys hunting, camping, fishing, barbeques, fireworks
and just being around his lovely family when he is not running his modest landscaping /tree business
in Cheyenne.
 It is rare to see M. Lee out and about without one or more of his children as he makes his way around town checking on friends and family members.  He is also an avid Frontier Days fan and supports their
efforts to bring tourism to our community.

M. Lee Hasenauer "walks the walk"

The Hasenauer family are no strangers to charity and are always the first to lend a hand or help a
neighbor when there is a need.  M. Lee makes it a priority to check on his fellow community members and
 if he finds someone who could use a hand up, he and Loretta are the first to rally the community in an
effort to help.



If you are ready for a man who will represent and stand up for you
and your precious land and water rights here in Laramie County -

Vote for M. Lee Hasenauer 
He will put a servants role
 back in the Government by representing
the constituants with honest friendly leadership.

Conservatism wins in 2016


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