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A super meeting with super speakers!
Thank you all for attending! It was great to see you.
Enjoy the pictures below.

Ms. Cindy Hill, Superintendent of Public Instruction

           Dr. Taylor Haynes                                  M.Lee, Dr. Haynes & Trustin

Gary Freeman for LCSD#1 Board Trustee                                  Lynn "Lady" Hutchins    
Ron Williams                                                      Eric Miller

Norman "Buck" Holmes                                                                      Gordy from Lodgepole
                                    Hasenauer children honoring our country and our flag                                   

John Palmer for Mayor                                         Brad Harrington, Liberty's Torch


T.E.A. Party Patriots


Two Special Patriots & their Patriot Van

Days before the T.E.A. Party Rally, M.Lee discovered this flag at a garage sale.
Realizing that this flag did not belong at a garage sale, he quickly purchased it for $10.00
from the son of the fallen hero the flag belonged to and all the wonderful veterans at the rally
laid hands on the flag and gave it the honor it deserved.


Comments by M.Lee Hasenauer:

This T.E.A. Party was a great one! Super speakers like Taylor Haynes, Cindy Hill, Gordy from Lodge Pole, Bill Bennett for LCSD#1 Board Trustee, Gary Freeman for LCSD#1 Board Trustee, Ron Williams and Brad & Barbie Harrington We also enjoyed listening to John Palmer who is running for Mayor and who also voted for Taylor Haynes in 2010.
We were honored to do the dedication of the flag of the fallen veteran hero.

  So many great speakers - to many to mention by name but we  thank you all  for your patriotism!

This is your part GO VOTE 2014 and it is to end the Rhino's careers. 

  Get out of our house you socialist and add a O for Obama!
This 2014 election is going to be a revolution at the ballot box.
 As I stated, "We're gonna do the Hokey Pokey - take the left ones out and put the right ones
 in and that's what its all about in 2014."
 Thanks to everyone who attended.
We will announce the next meeting date soon.


Past Rally Pictures

Rally on Americans
Thank you - one and all for attending!
Enjoy the pictures below and read M.Lee's comments at the end.





LCSD#1 School Board Trustee Race Announcements


Great Fun Was Had By All!



M. Lee's comments on the April 14th. Rally

 "Now we know God loves us - 70% chance of rain or snow and it did very little of either! Man that was a powerfull Tea Party meeting. The speakers were on it! Gordy from lodge pole on the history of our nation was bringing tears to the audience's eyes.  Our M.C. Taylor Haynes; always keeps us focused on the role of the government and the constitution. Thanks to Jeff Hymus for teaching us about agenda 21. He always does a great job.   Brad & Barbie from the The Liberty's Torch stepped out of their usual writing duties and presented a great Tax Day speech.  Mike did a great job teaching us about the IRS and Taxes.  Marvin Nash, Joe from the Tea Party roundup from Laramie, John Frentheway, Eric Miller, Lady Lynn Hutchings and many others, who said or added important issues and topics to what's going on in our community. My favorite was the announcement of new Tea Party candidates line up and being part of Phase Two Vote 2012.  Ben the bus driver and Barbie Harrington announced their running for LCSD#1 school board trustees and that is front page news.(We need consevative commissioner) so of course yours truly, M.Lee Hasenauer - will be running for Commissioner 2014.  Someone called me "the million dollar tax saving man." I like that and I think I'll use that again. We must say NO to multimillion dollar projects.  It is not the role of government to put it on the backs of tax payers. The most important thing to do now is to support conservative candidates in 2014. Yes! Your money and time is important if we are going to take back our local government together. Special thanks to my son Trustin for presenting the colors and leading us in the pledge. Thanks to my daughter Cortney for a super job singing the national anthem.  Special thanks to my wife and family for cooking and serving the grilled food.
 If you missed this meeting - be sure to attend the next one on May 19th.
Thanks again to everyone!"
 M.Lee Hasenauer
 2014 For Commissioner and from the Cheyenne T.E.A PARTY Movement organizer.

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for our next
T.E.A. PARTY Rally Movement!


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