About M.Lee Hasenauer

 M.Lee Hasenauer came to Cheyenne WY in 1988 to start a new chapter in life. As a young man he grew up on a farm in North Platte, NE with 7 siblings, graduated with honors and began working on the railroad as a mechanical operator for 10 years. He was searching for change and gave his life to Christ in a local Pentecostal Church when he moved to Cheyenne and in 1990 he met and married his blue eyed southern belle from Tennessee.

 In 1991 he welcomed his first born daughter Hope and a few years later he again welcomed another daughter, Brittney. In 1998 they again brought in another beautiful girl named Cortney. After years of fostering they adopted their son Trustin in 2003 and welcomed their last daughter Joanna in 2008. A few years later he added in two son in laws and soon to be 7 grand babies. 

His family is his life. Wither it be family dinners or camping trips to the lake, to going to their local church together or simply singing gospel music around the home. All of his children that are of age are registered republicans upholding the conservative way.