M.Lee For Us 2018


M.Lee for us 2018: Republican announces his  candidacy  
He will be running for Laramie County  Commissioner
He Is a common sense Republican that will stick to  Limited Government republican platforms, and He keeps his promises.  He will represent people first and government  last.  
He will under oath: *Protect you under the law. *Be a hawk on spending. *Sign the no new tax pledge and “Challenge” all the  other county commissioner candidates to do the same * Reduce regulations and look for ways to save taxpayer  money. * Apply the founding forefathers private sector  solutions to our counties spending problems. * He will give back $2500 of his own salary to the  taxpayers and also will “challenge” all other County commissioners candidates to  do the same.  * He is a huge second amendment supporter, and right to  life.
M.Lee is a true red white and blue patriot who  believes  “In God we Trust”
So I tell you he is ready to serve the true bosses of  This great county again.
He humbly ask that you  GO VOTE M.Lee Hasenauer for Laramie County Commissioner   this 2018 election. Lets Make Laramie County great again
M.Lee for Us 2018 As your Republican county commissioner, I will take an  oath. My oath means a promise to you that I will “protect you by making all  decisions that are based on the Law. (The supreme Law of the land.) our  Constitution As your elected servant. I will make sure that our  county is productive but running more efficient, I will be a HAWK on spending so  that your whole family can be assured to live a happier life. I will be a true common sense republican who loves and  will put a servant roll in your local government. I will proudly promote my fiscally responsible voting  record just like our founding fathers did, and keep their same principles of  free enterprise, limited Constitutional government, and traditional  Christian values that most Americans have enjoyed in Laramie  county.  
I am a "In God We Trust" candidate and humbly ask for  your vote on Aug 21st in this 2018 election
VOTE M.Lee Hasenauer for Laramie County  Commissioner
You can always contact M.Lee (1-307-640-4248) or by email m.leectp@hotmail.com
Lets Make Laramie County great again!